UV curable, UV light-curable, ultraviolet curing, UVC, IPN forming, antifog, anti-fog, hardcoat, hard coat, ESD, static dissipative, low-gloss, matte, UV-light curable coatings on polycarbonate, acrylic, polyarylate, polysulfone, PC-TMC, and other plastics.

Exxene offers 100% solids, UV light-curable variants of many of our thermal-cure offerings, including hardcoat and anti-fog coatings.  Products are high viscosity, VOC-free liquids that must be protected from light during storage.

Performance Characteristics

UV Pro coatings allow you to leverage the benefits associated with UV light curing technology.  Coatings can be applied and cured in seconds or minutes, vastly increasing production output while reducing the energy costs and solvent exposure associated with thermal curing operations.  All UV curable products adhere to plastic surfaces without a primer, forming a strong interpenetrating network between the coating and the substrate.


All UV Pro coatings can be applied by dip, flow, spin, and spray methods.  The coating liquids can be diluted with solvent, or reduced using an appropriate Reactive Diluent.

UV light curing systems vary in output capacity and Exxene is available to assist operators in reviewing the appropriate curing options.  We can provide the optimal ultraviolet energy and irradiance values for each coating on a variety of substrates. Qualified equipment suppliers are also available . 



A 100% solids, zero VOC liquid with a viscosity of 200 to 300 centistokes.  UV Pro 310 cures to provide extreme hardness without cracking or crazing.  The cured coating layer is highly resilient, providing maximum protection from scratches, abrasion, and chemicals when applied without dilution.  The compatible diluents include alcohols, ketones, and reactive diluents.  


A 100% solids, zero VOC liquid with a viscosity of 350 to 500 centistokes.  UV Pro 550 cures to produce a permanent, flexible, and mar resistant anti-fog coating on a variety of plastic substrates.    The compatible diluents include alcohols and reactive diluents.