application services

Flowcoat, flow coat, dip coat, dipping, spray, spin coat, spincoat coating application services


Exxene offers dedicated application facilities that are designed to accommodate parts of virtually any size or shape.  We accept large and small volume customers, including prototypes and startups.  Expandable production capacity is available, and we can rapidly scale up our application systems to meet any increased demand with excellent lead times.



Flow coat

Flow coating is a very practical application process that is easily scaled with minimal equipment requirements and can be used to coat single or multiple surfaces of a part. The technique consists of flowing a stream of filtered coating solution across the substrate.  The flowing liquid is recollected, evaporative losses are replenished with the appropriate solvent, and then the coating is filtered prior to further use. The coated part can continue dripping until ready to cure.


This easily automated method is suitable for coating one or all surfaces of a part using conventional or HVLP application lines.  It is the method of choice for more complex geometries, or components requiring partial coverage. 


Dip coating requires partial or complete immersion of the part into the liquid coating. Controlled insertion rates, dwell times, and withdrawal rates produce a highly uniform coating layer with minimal thickness variation.  Dip coating is also well suited to high-volume production of smaller components.  We customize all mounting fixtures, immersion equipment, and process parameters used in our dipping lines.


Multiple thermal-cure conveyor lines offer reliable and continuous production capabilities for parts up to two square feet in size.  For larger parts, we use a Class 10,000 cleanroom equipped with multiple batch ovens that accommodate parts up to two meters in width/height and three meters in length.