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Exxene Corporation remains a world leader in polymer and glass coating manufacturing and service.  Our optically transparent surface finishes add value and longevity to architectural, automotive, aeronautical, and electronic devices as well as a variety of corrective, recreational, and protective eyewear all across the world. 

We provide industry-proven solutions to meet your requirements with performance features including abrasion resistance, condensation control, and electrostatic dissipation, as well as weatherability and formability.  Thermal cure or UV-curable solutions offer flexibility for our partners, and advanced adhesion promoters and priming solutions are available for challenging substrates. 


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Antifog hardcoat SCBA NFPA PPE helmet visor polycarbonate APEC

We can clear coat virtually any size or shape.

Our products span the Globe

Prevent fogging, scratches, abrasion, and static on plastics using hardcoat, anti-fog, anti-static, and thermoformable clear coatings.


It is our mission to develop innovative products that enable our customers to meet their clear coat goals.

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Polymer coating research and development for polycarbonate, acrylic, APEC, polysulfone, nylon, polyamide, polymethylmethacyrlate lens, sheets, injection-molded and cast resins.

We offer custom clear coat formulation and product development services for all our customers.