Electrostatic dissipation

ESD and anti-static, static control coatings providing electrostatic dissipative, antistatic, and dust repellant coatings on polycarbonate, acrylic, polyarylate, polysulfone, PC-TMC, and other plastics.

Our transparent, static dissipative coatings use a patented, conductive polymer to dissipate static and repel dust. These lightly tinted coatings exhibit good hardness and a typical surface resistivity of 5 x 10(8) ohms/cm2.  Resistivity is modulated through variation of the coating thickness with a surface resistivty range of 10(5) to 10(10) ohms/cm2 .

Performance Characteristics

Exxene's anti-static surface coatings impart permanent static dissipative properties and improved substrate clarity compared to polymer products blended with anti-static additives.  All clear coats function independently of ambient humidity and provide a permanent and effective means of reducing and eliminating static electrical discharge and dust accumulation.  The cured coatings are transparent and exhibit a bluish-purple tint with a light transmittance of 90%.


The surface conductivity of the coated substrate is directly related to the dry film thickness.  Thicker coatings will impart higher conductivity while thinner layers will result in higher surface resistivity.  

Flow and dip coating are the preferred application methods for ESD coatings, providing the thickest, most conductive coating layer. The utility of spraying is restricted to the development of parts requiring an anti-static surface resistivity, although the application of multiple spray coats can create a more conductive layer within the ESD range. 

Static Dissipative Products


The BT-380P features primerless adhesion to polycarbonate and surface-activated PET, ABS, nylon, and EVA.  It is a translucent purple dispersion of conductive urethane resin in aqueous isopropanol at 5% solids.


The BT-400 is a rapidly drying, low viscosity coating for use on plastics, glass, and metal. BT-400 requires SP-26 Coupling agent for use on glass or metal.  It is a clear purple solution of conductive polymer supplied at 1% solids in isopropanol.