Fog resistant, antifog, anti-fog, anti-frost, frost resistant, hydrophilic and hydrophobic clear coatings for plastic and glass.

Exxene Anti-Fog surface treatments include temporary anti-fog cleaners, persistent fog-resistant coatings, and permanent, thermoset compositions formulated to eliminate fogging and frost accumulation.   Water vapor is absorbed or adsorbed, rendering condensed moisture into a transparent, contiguous layer of clear water. 

All coating types produce a clear, fog-free surface on a variety of substrates.  These liquid coatings are provided in both aqueous and solvent carriers and can be imparted to the substrate by air drying or thermal-cure processing.

Performance Characteristics

Condensation control occurs by modifying surface energy.  Thermal curing and ultraviolet light-curable anti-fog coatings are comprised of crosslinked networks of hydrophilic or surface active molecules.  Permanent coatings are wholly comprised of such bound anti-fog molecules and resist removal or loss of functionality due to repeated exposure to handling and cleaning.  These types of anti-fog coatings generally last the life of the product excluding removal by abrasion or highly corrosive substances.  

Persistent anti-fog coatings are impermanent, their anti-fog property being additionally reinforced by mobile surface-active agent content. This type of anti-fog coating can be rendered ineffective and is suggested for use in semi-sealed product applications where they are protected from cycles of handling and cleaning.

Fog-free characteristics are achieved with mobile surface-active agents and hydrophilic binders if using temporary anti-fog surface treatments.  The functional  material continues to provide resistance to fogging and frost accumulation until handling or repeated condensation removes the anti-fog agents from the substrate. These types of anti-fog materials will require repeated applications over time.


The functionality of permanent anti-fog coatings benefits from the application of a thicker layer, in the range of six to twelve microns.  Less permanent coatings also benefit from the application of a thicker layer but temporary treatments generally function well at much lower thicknesses.

Flow and dip coating are the preferred methods to apply our curable anti-fog coatings. Spray application of solvent based anti-fog coatings is feasible though the resulting, thinner layer will produce less fog resistance.  Aqueous coatings are difficult to spray without dilution and the resulting reduction in efficacy.  

Temporary anti-fog treatments can be applied manually as supplied as well as in a diluted form, or they can be sprayed, dipped, or flow coated onto a surface.  

Humidity control is required prior to curing anti-fog coatings to prevent blush-induced opacity caused by ambient moisture absorption.


Permanent Anti-Fog Coatings

HCF-100  Scratch Resistant     

The HCF-100 performs well in a wide range of temperatures and moisture levels, excelling at low-temperature frost and ice reduction.  It provides a scratch-resistant and formable anti-fog functionality on plastic and glass.  The diacetone alcohol solution contains a polyurethane with a minimum cure temperature of 110 degrees Celsius.

HTAF-601  Hydrophilic

HTAF-601 is specialized for use in aerospace eyewear, EVA helmets, and very moist environment.  It provides a flexible and formable fog-free coating on a variety of substrates.  The liquid is an aqueous, hydrophilic urethane dispersion with a minimum cure temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

Persistent Anti-Fog Treatments

HTAF-308  General Use     

The HTAF-308 is best suited for semi-sealed environments such as gauges, optics, instrument panels, and lighting.  It is a surface-active urethane dispersion with a minimum cure temperature of  60 degrees Celsius.

Temporary Anti-Fog Cleaners

EX-99R   Optical Anti-Fog

EX-99R is an advanced formulation especially developed for use on coated substrates including Anti-Reflective (AR) coated glass, optics, mirrors, and hardcoated ophthalmic lenses.  It is an air-drying, alcohol solution of hydrophilic and amphiphilic surfactants.

I-99  General Use

The I-99 Anti-Fog Cleaner is a concentrated anti-fog liquid developed for general use on uncoated plastic and glass. The product is an air-drying, aqueous solution of nonionic, hydrophilic surfactant.  I-99 is available in bulk liquid and pre-packaged into multi-use towelettes (Klean n' Klear Anti-Fog Towelettes).