Low gloss hardcoats

Matte finish, low gloss, low-gloss, anti-glare, and anti-reflective coatings on polycarbonate, acrylic, polyarylate, polysulfone, PC-TMC, and other plastics.

Low gloss siloxane coatings are thermal-cure materials that produce a hard, rigid surface with reduced surface gloss.  Exxene siloxane hardcoats are blended with our proprietary gloss reduction modifier to produce a shelf-stable solution suitable for spray application. Solutions are low viscosity, fast-drying liquids supplied at 20% solids and do not require refrigerated storage.  

Performance Characteristics

Exxene's low gloss, anti-glare coating provides abrasion and chemical resistance without a significant reduction of light transmittance.  Glare and reflections are reduced or eliminated while maintaining visual clarity.


Spray is the recommended application method for applying low gloss coatings.  The solution requires high shear agitation or ultrasonic mixing before each use in order maintain suspension of the nanoparticles. Users will need to determine the appropriate amount of matte additive for the intended gloss level; contact Exxene for further assistance.

Substrates for Low Gloss Coatings

Matte hardcoats are most commonly used to reduce glare and reflections on architectural panels, windows including gauges and view screens,  electronics, and projection displays.  The low gloss coating is compatible with plastics including acrylic and polycarbonate, as well as glass and metals.

The coating will cure at temperatures as low as 50 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures, appropriate to the substrate, will reduce that time to one hour or less.  Exxene anti-glare hardcoats are most often cured at 82 to 150 degrees Celsius for 10 to 30 minutes.



The S-44HRD is low gloss, primerless hardcoat formulated to adhere to a variety of rigid and semi-rigid substrates.  It is supplied at 20% solids in isobutanol.