Thermoforming, cold bending, cold bendable, thermoformable, primerless, vacuum forming, flexible and high flexural modulus coatings on polycarbonate, acrylic, polyarylate, polysulfone, PC-TMC, and other plastics.

FlexForm coatings are solvent-based thermosets that provide a highly flexible, scratch and mar resistant surface on polycarbonate and other polyesters.  Solutions are fast drying liquids supplied at 40 - 65% solids in isobutanol and do not require refrigerated storage.   

Performance Characteristics

FlexForm coatings provide good abrasion and chemical resistance while remaining cold bendable and thermoformable.  The high flexural modulus of the cured coating layer makes it especially suitable for a thinner substrate that may be prone to delaminate or craze when coated with more rigid coatings like a siloxane hardcoat.


Most applications that require extensive forming will benefit from the application a minimal film thickness.  Formable products that will not be subjected to extremely deep or compound curves benefit from the use of a thicker layer, producing a harder and more abrasion resistant finish.  Customers are encouraged to determine the optimal coating thickness that best fits their requirements.  FlexForm 200 is compatible with dip, flow, and spray coating operations.

FlexForm 200

FlexForm 200 is designed for use on polycarbonate and polycarbonate copolymers as well as polyarylate, polysulfone, ABS, and polyamide/nylon.  It is supplied at 45% solids in isobutanol and requires a minimum cure temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.